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We take that responsibility seriously – and we deliver! You must step up as well.  Commit with a passion and a focus that you deserve.  This unique system of coaching has helped a wide variety of students produce phenomenal results.  We don’t pretend that our partnership will be effortless, but if you’re committed and driven to make it work, we promise it will be extraordinarily rewarding.


Coaching you to success

One-on-One Personal Mentoring. When it comes to learning how to locate and purchase properties for pennies on the dollar, there’s no substitute for friendly guidance and hands on support. The Golden Mentoring Program gives you instant access to your Personal Coach who helps you set a personalized business plan so you can quickly and effectively meet your investment objectives. In the Coaching Program, you will have the added advantage of having your own personal expert coach who will teach you how to locate good property deals, research the property, then earn HUGE profits by wholesaling these deals directly to investors or quickly flip these deals for CASH and more!

Our Courses: Courses are specifically designed as your blueprint for success for the beginner and the well seasoned investor alike.  Our user friendly approach provides our students with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to achieve financial independence while building lasting wealth. The course structure and individual support allow you to progress at a pace that is most comfortable with your personal goals and necessities.

Our Instructors: The Golden' Coaching you to Success Real Estate System is unlike any in the world. Our instructors are carefully screened and selected, intensely trained, with a proven and successful track record. Indeed, our instructors talk their walk and walk their talk! They are investors!

Every coach has not only achieved outstanding results in his or her own tax sale property investing , but has an unrivaled commitment to their profession with more than 100 hours of virtual training. Your personal coach is one of the select few who meet our high standards.  This rigorous selection process is what makes the Golden Coaching System the best in the industry.

Your National Golden Advisor and Personal Coach, Mike Golden: Mike Golden personally  researched and purchased, tax certificates on Huge acreage, dozens of nice houses and commercial properties using our personal tax lien investing system. Yes! Mr. Golden research all of the tax sale properties and made his investments all online...from the comfort of his living-room. All-in-all, we provided 100% of the Funding on all 204 deals submitted by Mike Golden. Personally, Mr. Golden purchased 60 Tax Certificates on properties valued in the tens of millions of dollars. Yes! With Mike Golden as your personal coach, you too can learn new ways to earn huge profits right from the comfort of your home.

All of our Investor instructors and personal coaches are eager to walk with you every step-of-the-way; as they personally teach you the unique Golden System of finding tax sale property for pennies on the dollar, then earning HUGE profits by simply wholesaling your deals directly to our network of cash investors. YES! By applying the Golden System, you'll too can instantly have the opportunity to start earning while you are learning!

Have questions about getting stared? ... You need to Invest in yourself by gaining real investor knowledge to be successful as a tax lien investor. If you would like to know how much your investor training and personal step-by-step mentoring will cost, please send your questions in the form below. Your information is kept private and we'll respond accordingly.

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